Year 2 Camp Booklet 2019 now available - see below.


Hello and welcome to the Year 2 web page.

Year 2 teachers this year are: Miss Harris, Mrs O'Shea, Mrs Horsted and Miss Seymour. 

We are supported in class by Mrs Rowe, Mrs Hendrickson, Mrs Hill and Mrs Clark. 


We have a busy final term ahead! As part of our new topic, we will be historians comparing events happening now with those that have happened in the past. In particular, changes in visits to the seaside within and beyond living memory. As geographers, we will be studying weather patterns, the world’s continents and oceans, and the key physical and human features of different localities.

This term, we are venturing on camp (20th/21st June) having a ‘Healthy Living week’ with a sports afternoon (week 5) and a ‘Taste the world’ week (week 6). Additionally, we will be preparing your child for their transition to Year 3. This will include some transition time in week 6, where your child will meet and work with their new teacher and class.

Please see our weekly newsletter for further dates and times of important events.


We will be having our PE lessons outside this term, on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Please ensure your child has the appropriate kit, including daps or trainers that they can run around in.

Parents/carers, just a quick reminder; we would be very grateful to any of you who can give up your time to come in and read with the children. This could be on a regular basis or even if you have a few spare afternoons. If you think this could be possible, please talk to your child’s teacher. We would like to say thank you for all your help and support over the course of this academic year and to wish you all well for Year 3.

Year 2 Camp Booklet 2019