Our Aims and Ethos


Knowle Park Primary is an 'I can' School

The 'I can' Monkey represents our aim to grow and do the best we can.

We all can at Knowle Park Primary!

Each term the monkey helps as meet our learning skills 'I can' targets.

Each term the whole school follows the same theme, from Reception to Year 6, supported by the whole school community, teachers, TAs, SMSAs, the Office Staff and, of course, parents and carers.

This term's theme is: Doing My Best.

We are all striving high together to become our Brilliant Best!

The Knowle Park Primary kite represents our school ethos of flying high. Each letter of 'kite' has its own special meaning:


  • K is for kindness,   represented by our values animal Tortoise.
  • I is for  inspiration, represented by our values animal Unicorn.
  • T is for together,    represented by our values animal Bee.
  • E is for excelling,    represented by our values animal Owl.

Each class has its own kite display as a reminder that our values are at the centre of our learning.