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 Below you will find a small selection of photos or videos showing some of the fun, exciting things we have been doing and learning about in Year 1 this school year. 

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Thank you to Bristol Zoo for coming to visit us and teaching us about different animal groups 

Topic - Toys - junk modelling with parents, grandparents and carers

Topic - Toys - Trip to Blaise Castle House Museum and Estate to explore old and traditional toys 


Healthy Living Week Activities

Measuring people, places and things!

A trip to Slimbridge

Look at the brilliant puppets we made!

Making Chapatis!

Science - Testing Materials

Chinese New Year - Designing and making Shadow puppets 

Learning about Australia - Aboriginal art and playing a didgeridoo!

Maths: ordering numbers, more than, less than and multiplication

Mr Brown's Pig Puppet Show and making puppets to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs

How to travel safely through the forest?

Building classrooms 

Topic - 'Where's my treasure?' - Pirate Treasure Hunt

Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Topic - Toys - Trip to Blaise Castle

Literacy - Recount - Dear Baby Bear...