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 Below you will find a small selection of photos or videos showing some of the fun, exciting things we have been doing and learning about in Year 3 this school year. 

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 Topic - The Mayan Creation Story - a puppetry workshop with Tallulah Swirls

Literacy - Instructions - Following verbal instructions from the children on how to make a jam sandwich!

Literacy Stimulus - Nail Soup

Jingle bells from the Year 3 ukulele players - Merry Christmas!

Christmas Jumper Day!

Christmas hats made ready for Christmas lunch!

Topic - Who were the greatest builders? - Having fun learning about the Ancient Egyptians!

Learning about the Christmas Story through an Advent Spiral at The Church of the Nazarene

Maths - investigating the properties of 2d and 3d shapes

RE - Festivals of Light - Hanukkah - our trip to the Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Congregation Synagogue

Commemorating the history, achievements and contributions of black people in the UK during Black History Week - some of our portraits of Mary Seacole, a nurse during the Crimean War. 

Art - Quentin Blake inspired self-portraits

Bright Sparks - end of topic parent showcase celebrations

Topic - Bright Sparks - Creating static electricity with balloons and making electrical circuits

Topic - Bright Sparks - making symbols with our bodies to recreate an electrical circuit

Topic - Bright Sparks - creating an electrical storm using musical instruments

Maths - place value

Literacy Stimulus - Should Jack be jailed?

Beanstalk update!

Literacy stimulus - Jack and the beanstalk - planting beans to grow our own beanstalks!


Healthy Living Week Activities

Designing and making our own mini beasts

Monitoring Insect numbers with visitors from the RSPB

Science - Seed Dispersal Challenge

Global Citizenship - learning about our environment and making bird feeders.

Making pirate biscuits!

Our puppet shows

Our finished box puppet designs!

Learning about Black History - our portraits of great achievers

Literacy Stimulus - How to make a jam sandwich

Topic - Let's go on an adventure!  Would we like to visit Guatemala? 

Guatemalan food tasting - corn chips, guacamole, salsa and hot chocolate!

 Making Worry Dolls

Tallulah Swirls Puppet Show

Making and exploding volcanoes!

Literacy - Nail Soup Stimulus  

D &T - Making hats for Christmas lunch December 2018

History - The Romans Trip to Caerleon