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 Below you will find a small selection of photos or videos showing some of the fun, exciting things we have been doing and learning about in Year 6 this school year. 

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Careers - how to become a doctor.

Thank you to Kate Rawlings for sharing her experience of being a doctor.

Christmas hats made - ready for Christmas lunch! 

English - discussion ideas from a class carousel activity 

Global Citizenship - Democracy - The General Election

Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a mock general election after learning about democracy, the different UK political parties and their manifestos. The children's votes were counted and it was a close election between the Green Party and Labour with the Green Party winning.

Careers - how to become a veterinary nurse.

Thank you to Annie from Highcroft Vets for sharing her fascinating stories of working life at a vets.

Careers - how to become a Neuroscientist.

Thank you to Heidi Snethen who came in to talk to year 6 children and inspire them to work in Science.

Barton Camp October 2019

Careers and the world of work - how to be a Subject Librarian

The year 6 children enjoyed finding out about the role of a subject librarian.

Computing - coding a space scene

Explorer Dome Visit - hands-on science!

Fencing - En Garde!

Careers and the world of work - how to be a Midwife  

Claire Hopkins' recent talk to year 6 children about a career in Midwifery. The children found out lots of fascinating information and asked really interesting questions. A big thank you to Claire for giving up her time to share such an amazing job with our children.

Purple Jumper Presentation - September 2019


Lots of fun in Brean - July 2019!

Taste the World Week

Cooking - Indian lentil dhal and mango yoghurt

Art - watercolour sunsets and decorated Indian elephants

Learning some fascinating facts about India.

Healthy Living Week Activities


Anyone for table tennis?

Literacy - A Warning Story - Stimulus

When I grow up I want to be a .............

 Thank you to Avon Lodge Veterinary Group who inspired our children with their talk on how to become a vet or a veterinary nurse!

Thank you to Knowle West Media Centre who inspired some Year 6 children with a talk on how to make their own music! 

Thank you to KPPS parent Dan who inspired some Year 6 children with his talk on how to become a Chartered Engineer!

Thank you to KPPS parent Heidi for her inspiring talk to some Year 6 children about becoming a neuro-scientist!

Lifeskills at the Create Centre December 2018 

Barton Camp October 2018

Just a few examples of canoeing, caving, climbing to Trig Point and Crook Peak, archery, blindfold challenge, orienteering, swimming, dancing at the disco and having lots of fun together!