Year 1

Hello and welcome to the Year 1 web page.

 Year 1 teachers this year are: Mrs Skinner, Mrs White, Mrs Dodd, Mrs Woodhill and Mr Jones. 

We are supported in class by Mrs Aplin, Mrs Rees and Mrs Smith. 


This term we will be ‘Technologist’. We will be finding out about the world through stories.

We will be watching a puppet show in school, making puppets for the Three little pigs and using them to create and evaluate our own puppet show. 
We will be learning lots of interesting and exciting things including:

• Designing, making and evaluating puppets.
• Sorting, mixing and changing materials and looking at shadows.
• Locating Australia, Jamaica, India and China on a world map.
• During Art on Friday afternoons, we will be learning about colour and mixing.