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Welcome to Knowle Park home learning!

  • Here is a suggested timetable of 7 different subjects – please don’t feel your child needs to complete every one. Aim for 3 or 4 if you are finding it a challenge.
  • If you are sharing a screen between siblings, one could be reading to themselves or drawing while the other uses the screen for another activity.
  • Break up the day with snack and meal times as well as time for exercise and TV/ipad. The children and you need some down time between learning.
  • Have a finish time – like a school day. This could be 3pm ready for a favourite TV programme or a drink and snack.
  • Find time to talk about how your child is feeling. It’s a strange time for all of us all.
  • Think of ways to keep in touch with their school friends and extended family by phoning, zooming, emailing or writing a letter. The children will certainly be missing that social contact they get with others at school.

If you are finding something too tricky or need more of a challenge, have a look at the other year group pages. 

Remember, you can email questions or work to your class teacher, they would love to hear how you are getting on! 

For extra ideas, have a look in the 'Useful links' section.


For Week 1 activities,

starting Monday 1st June click HERE

For Week 2 activities, 

starting Monday 8th June click HERE

For Week 3 activities,

starting Monday 15th June click HERE

For Week 4 activities,

starting Monday 22nd June click HERE

For Week 5 activities,

starting Monday 29th June click HERE

For Week 6 activities,

starting Monday 6th July click HERE

For Week 7 activities,

starting Monday 13th July click HERE

For lots of EAL resources

click HERE

For Useful links, including PE, click HERE.