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Do you want to know about the Year 6 school day? What  we learn, what we need for PE, our uniform and much, much more? Click HERE for our Meet The Teacher booklet!

Hello and welcome to the Year 6 page


Teacher: Mrs Neilan - Y6 Lead, supported by TA Mrs Jordan


Teachers: Forrest, supported by TA Mrs Parry


Teacher: Mrs Chaplin, supported by TA Miss Holthuis

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Welcome to Year 6 - we are so excited for the year ahead!

As well as preparing children for their next step beyond Knowle Park, we will be studying: Rainforests (specifically the Amazon), Zambia, World War 2 and its impact on people and places, as well as comparing key events and periods in history. We are especially looking forward to Year 6 Camp and our end of year celebrations!

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